House Specialties

    • house specials

    • sang choi bow (per piece)


      finely minced pork fillet, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots marinated and prepared in oyster sauce. small pieces of lettuce are served with this exotic dish. [minimum 2 pieces]

    • half crispy duck pancakes


      pressed then steamed with five spices and then deep fried to perfection. the duck meat will be shredded then served with cucumber and hoisin sauce on pancakes along with delicious crunchy bones to devour.

    • mustard king prawns [hot or mild]


      marinated king prawns cooked in in-house specialty sauce english mustard and sesame sauce. the prawns are complimented by deep fried spinach leaves with a sprinkle of sugar

    • deep fried calamari with spicy salt


      small pieces of fresh calamari in light batter, deep fried and tossed with small pieces of chilli and five spice sauce

    • fillet steak with honey walnuts


      diced grain fillet steak in black pepper corn sauce served with honey coated walnuts

    • mongolian lamb


      thinly sliced lamb marinated with leeks, bean sauce, chilli and hoisin sauce before being braised and served on a sizzling hot plate

    • crab meat with soft egg


      taste the difference of this dish with pieces of alaskan crab meat, cooked to perfection

    • mixed crisp vegetables


      a mixture of stir fried seasonal vegetables consisting of broccoli, snow peas, oyster and straw
      mushrooms, bamboo shoots and choy sum

    • sizzling fillet steak


      pieces of fillet steak marinated in bbq sauce,cooked with onion,served on a sizzling hot plate

    • crispy skin chicken in shallots sauce


      boneless half bird deep fried and braised in delicious shallot sauce

    • house specialties

    • chow sam see

      (SM)19.00 / (LG)26.00

      finely shredded chicken, bbq pork and chinese mushrooms garnished with bamboo shoots, cooked to perfection, this exotic dish is then served with four (small dish) or six (large dish) pieces of pancakes. [extra pancake @ $1.00 each]

    • lamb pancakes

      (SM)22.00 / (LG)28.00

      shredded pieces of stripped lamb braised with onions and cooked in chilli hoisin sauce, served
      with four (small dish) or six (large dish) pieces of pancakes. [extra pancake @ $1.00 each]

    • fillet steak in szechuan style [hot or mild]


      pieces of fillet steak marinated in a special hot szechuan sauce, cooked with chilli, served with
      snow peas

    • unicorn king prawns


      king prawns sauteed in wine, chilli and onions, served on a sizzling hot plate

    • mongolian king prawns


      king prawns marinated in hoisin and bean sauce served with bean sprouts served on a sizzling hot

    • shang tung chicken [half bird]


      marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices, deep fried to perfection, then deboned and
      served with delicious spicy vinegar, chilli and garlic sauces

    • pork ribs with honey pepper sauce


      marinated pork ribs fried and tossed in a honey and black pepper corn sauce

    • sizzling ling fish fillet


      fresh ling fish fillet marinated, prepared with ginger and shallots, served with onions on a hot plate

    • peking duck

      75.00 / 42.00 (half)

      whole fresh duck marinated in a variety of exotic herbs and spices for over twelve hours and then
      deep fried. two courses are presented with this exotic dish. firstly, 12 pieces of crispy skin boneless
      duck is served with paper thin pancakes, plum sauce and silvers of shallots and cucumber. then
      the rest of the duck is served as sang choy bow or fried noodles with bean sprouts.  (half duck with fried noodle $10 extra)